Best Casual Shoes Under 500 Rupees In India

Casual shoes are relatively important because they are being worn in any functions, weddings, and parties. It means you should have a good pair of casual shoes, varying in designs and styles in your wardrobe. You’ll be surprised to know there are many different types of casual shoes.

For instance- you can wear business casual shoes, which look far more trendy and eye-catching than your regular formal shoes. In simpler words, casual shoes have become the go-to choice for every man.

However, finding the right type of casual shoes for yourself is not an easy task. Well, you can blindly purchase your casual shoes considering the brand and quality. But, you never get value for money product.

Now, you may think that you can never go wrong with buying your regular shoes.

Well, you are absolutely wrong!

With the growing demand and popularity of regular casual shoes, there are innumerable styles and designs available. There are higher chances that you don’t pick the right shoes for yourself.

Here is the best comprehensive guide you should consider when you are buying your casual shoes.

Quick Tip: Buying casual shoes from online shoes is advisable because a wide range of footwear is available at cost-effective prices.

List of Best Casual Shoes for Men Under Rs 500 in India

1. Zovim Men’s Casual Shoes

Zovim Men's Casual Shoe

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Zovim Men’s Casual Shoes present an impressive selection of men’s and boy’s footwear to look great for every occasion. The outer material and inner material of these shoes are made from synthetic leather and denim. It can be worn on all occasions in your causal shoes, and use bags in shoes to avoid stains and mildew.

Zovim shoes have this pair of sneakers for you, which is the right product for your shoe collection. These specially designed shoes are made for men who need to pair comfortable footwear for their day trips.

The Zovim Men’s Casual Shoes are made of denim material and it is available in a blue shade and features a PVC sole and a lace-up closure. Elevate your look with this trendy pair of Zovim brand casual shoes. With a sophisticated contemporary style with outstanding comfort, this pair is ideal for updating your quintessential dressing.

The closure of these shoes helps you to snugly fit with minimal discomfort. Their versatility is to maintain a tight grip and to provide the feet with the right amount of support. These sneakers are combined with the new trendy footwear with a trendy look and beautiful style. The shoes may seem wonderful for a casual event, with jeans, chinos, and causal of your preference.

2. Red Rose Men’s & Boys’ Sneaker

Red Rose Men's & Boys' Sneaker

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Red Rose Men’s & Boys’ Sneaker are fresh, breathable air mesh top that is simple to wash, ideal for all seasons-winter, summer and rainy, built to give you the best fit. These are washable shoes that dry quickly, making it easy for customers to easily wash and sanitize them. It has a Height-increasing non-marking PVC sole made of the lightweight compound and orthopedic soft cushion insole that gives an ideal grip to your feet with extra comfort.

The Red Rose Men’s & Boys’ Sneaker is an all-time favorite, the retro skate shoe features an upper layered in perfect proportions made from canvas, suede, and leather. A rose embroidery information, waffle sole, and white foxing finished with Off The Wall branding. It is lightweight and waterproof, and it also offers a locked-in feel. In addition, it is organic, made with a healthy robust water repellent, and infused with eco-anti-odor treatment that uses probiotics instead of chemical substitutes that can be harmful to the environment.

The Red Rose Men’s & Boys’ Sneaker is a gusseted tongue and insoles that provide all-day comfort, while the lightweight and washable insoles maintain their long-term cushioning strength, even if you wear them daily.

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3. Men’s Multicolor Canvas Casual Shoes

Men's Multicolor Canvas Casual Shoes

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To their extra-roomy footbed, Men’s Multicolor Canvas Casual Shoes / Loafers are unisex, this number-one new release is well equipped for wider feet. This pack of 2 is sturdy and lightweight, made with imported canvas, which will make you go easily through the daily jostle. The style of these shoes is trendy and can be worn for any reason.

Chevit offers canva casual shoes, loafers, sports shoes, sports shoes, a modern era ideally suited for casual and outdoor lifestyle wear for men. Enable your pair of shoes to air regularly, this also helps them maintain their natural shape and use shoe bags to prevent stains or mildew with brush any dried dirt from the surface by using a clean cloth, do not use polish or shine

Men’s Multicolor Canvas Casual Shoes / Loafers are as imaginative and exclusive as these. Tons of eye-catching styles come with canvas shoes. Their bright colors, geometric shapes, and asymmetrical sketches have received loads of reviews but customers still can not stop talking about how relaxed they are. Their lightweight frame has a supportive sole and a stretchy upper canvas. They’re perfect for traveling, too, because they’re easy to pack, easy to move, and good to wear standing up with Canvas Casual Shoes / Loafers.

4. Ligero men’s olive green casual shoes

Ligero men's olive green casual shoes

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Ligero men’s olive green casual shoes are just the key to unrivaled comfort and quality for a classic look you’ll love forever. For whatever the weather brings this season, the leather top offers a sturdy exterior and waterproof performance.

There’s also a cushioned comfort underfoot, a Vibram outsole for unbeatable grip on any ground, whether wet or rough, plus Brasher is a brand that counts as a fan with a good look for your feet. It’s made by a brand based in Cumbria that actually specializes in the art of fell running in the north-west. It’s not an entirely new item but rather an upgrade to their famous Trailroc concept.

Lightweight men’s olive green casual shoes are made from a Leather Working Group silver-rated sustainable tannery and synthetic leather with quality full-grain leather. With its construction, it is one of the most robust for walkers and keeps you both dry and relaxed.

The  Ligero men’s olive green casual shoes completely ground tongue of the leather walking shoes keeps rain and dirt out, while the pace lace hardware with hooks is resistant to rust. You’ll love the upper leather comfortable and breathable, along with the extra comfort from the inner heel counter, the luxury sock liner, and the reinforcement of the stitch-down toe.

5. Asian Men’s Walking Shoes

Asian Men's Walking Shoes

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Asian Men’s Walking Shoes aren’t the easiest way to find them. The Asian Men’s Walking Shoes is the top-rated option for several reasons. The shoes wear stylish, comfortable, and easier to slip on and off despite the ankle-high fit. This is due to the elastic bands on either side of the foot, which stretch the shoe to accommodate your heel. The rubber sole is flexible, and the upper comes in various faux-snakeskin designs as well as a few fabric prints.

This is a new addition to our travel wardrobe and we are already in love with this. It took a few wears to get used to it, but now they live up to their status as the world’s most comfortable shoes. Their flexibility and comfort make them some of the best backpacking shoes we’ve ever owned. Crazy relaxed wandering around towns.

Crafted from recycled products and assembled ethically with minimal waste. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns and looks amazing in several different circumstances. The padded back collar adds to the comfort factor, while the elastic cut-outs when you put them on or take them off, mean optimized versatility. Rotate your shoes once a day, helping them to deodorize and maintain their shapes. Use shoe bags to avoid stains or mildew with a good look.

A Well-Researched Buying Guide For Purchasing Casual Shoes 

  • Pick The Right Footwear According To Your Occasion

Wearing the wrong type of footwear is a common mistake that should be avoided. Wearing running casual shoes with a blazer or choosing boat shoes for formal attire is a big NO! Above all, trendy gym shoes featuring saturated colors are perfect for hitting weights in the fitness centers.

However, never think of pairing sneakers with your gym attire because you’ll never look good. In simpler words, you should purchase different pairs of shoes for various occasions.

  • Prefer Quality Over Quantity

One thing you should keep in mind invest in value for money products. It doesn’t mean you choose lavish brands and expensive shoes. But, you should always take time and research well before investing in shoes. It’s far more better to have 3-4 pairs of good shoes instead of having a bunch of poor quality shoes. The best part is you’ll feel the difference, and your shoe collection will last longer. It is highly recommended to look for shoes from trusted and well-known brands.

  • Fitting And Comfort Level Matters A Lot

Whether you are buying footwear or clothes, give preference to comfort level and fitting than style. What’s the point of buying stylish shoes and then struggling with blisters? Therefore, the right fitting and better comfort level are quite important. Therefore, purchase shoes that have at least a half-inch gap in front of the toes. Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes, always measure your feet if you haven’t done in the last six months.

Final Wrap-Up

These were the essential points to consider while choosing your next pairs of casual shoes. Therefore, on the days when your bestie is not around, consult the above tips as the best fashion guide.

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