Best Running Shoes Under 1500 in India 2021

Day by day the process of buying shoes is becoming very easy. Each and every employee needs to wear perfect shoes to get some personality look. For the people who think about budget first before thinking about the shoe.

They must have to take a look at the below shoes. Shoes are a type of footwear which are used occasionally. The world’s top best shoes which are provided by famous brands are represented below.

The way dressing and the formal look play a major role in getting a job better company. To have a perfect look like a professional employee that person must try any one of the following pairs of shoes.

Most of the famous sportspersons are acting as the brand ambassadors for these shoes. Even we can see so many advertisements while we are any show on TV.

These shoes are multi usable shoes so that you can wear these shoes where ever you want. World best photographers will also prefer these shoes as they look more stylish than the ordinary ones.

Not only the physical appearance of the shoe is good its inner smoothness also makes our feet very comfortable to wear. These shoes will act as the best protector for the foot of the person who is wearing them.

There are so many options to select a pair of shoes but the selected pair must be good to wear. Only high-quality shoes are discussed below. Very high technology is used in the manufacturing of these shoes to get a perfect outfit of those shoes.

They are different types of fabrics like leather, Poly fabrics, etc, Latest trending models are made very quickly to provide for the buyers within very less time. So many medical department officers also wear these shoes as their daily wear.

List of Best Running Shoes Under 1500 in India 2021

Power men’s fallout running shoes:

Power Men's Fallout Running Shoes

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This fallout running shoe was the well-known brand for all comfortable shoes for sports and running purposes, casual products well fame name in India. This company used to manufacture with help of quality raw material. However, prices are very nominal for the middle class and low-class people, and its producer’s unique structure of construction power men’s fallout best for running shoes.

The best and top-rated reason to buy this product including all things like a list of incredibly reliable grip, lightweight, while jogging or running is very comfortable and well designed. if, we need a perfect design or comfortable combination combined together will only come with power men’s fallout running shoe. it will have durable & unique flexibility will looking great in design.

The raw material is used to manufacture power’s men’s fallout running shoe is closure slip – up. the shoe will be available for all sizes of customers’ requirements. The materials are lower and upper is mesh for ventilation purpose by help of all these raw materials to help to manufacture men’s fallout running shoe from the house of powers.

Care instructions:

These pairs of shoes are air-free and deodorize on the regular basis. It also helps to retain a natural look and shape as well, we need to use shoe bags only to prevent any stains as well. any dust appears on the surface using clean clothing for cleaning and remembers we don’t use polish or any shiner for running shoes.

This trendy power company will also provide a pair of from most stylish products. It will provide extreme durability that ensures the grip and design keep our feet relaxed with soft, smooth & comfortable fit freedom of movement with responsive cushioning and lightweight feel.

Sparx men’s running shoes:


Sparx Men Sports Shoes

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Sparx offers always a diverse and stunning wide range of running shoes. This shoe comes with a soft synthetic raw material and a durable sole man-made inner material and outer material is totally made up of “mesh” sole material is phylon and specially designed for running purpose. It will available in dimensions 30x14x10.5cm.

This will have worldwide acceptance for all users show love towards loyal customers to loyal products this company maintains prices are nominal lower and middle-class range people.

A perfect pick of our daily using sessions for workouts that are a pair of running shoes from the house of Sparx. It will be made up of mesh upper and lower layers that will breathable, extremely comfortable very lightweight pick up and dropping while walking or running, A certain is a good grip for cushioning flexibility.

It will have all trendy and stylish types of all shoes and footwear that are fashionable one from the house of Sparx. Super comfortable sports and running with premium quality raw materials EVA as sole materials, these are specially designed for perfect fitness-conscious for men, women, kids for a blend of comfort durability.


* Breathable mesh for lightweight and comfort. it sides for both wings of laces to enhances of extreme stability.

* The rolled collar for entering comfortably while walking and ankle support.

* Breathable fabric lining after for great step-in feel.

* This super-soft head pad helps belt cushioned feel.

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Campus glory men’s mesh sports shoes:

Campus Glory Men's Mesh Sports Shoes

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These are specially designed for jogs and hit gym purposes and play your favorite sport wearing from campus crafted with care. These will ensure that we feel stay comfortable for all longer hours, it has unique features like a sturdy mesh upper which looks over all slip – resistant phylon sole.

Campus sports shoes are premium quality for their loyal customers with lightweight for sports with unique mesh wearing offers incredible breathability.

Campus men running shoes are supportive resiliency provides energy returns at each and every step that will made up of lightweight, single-layer mesh and soft smooth cushioned mid sole for extra comfort. It will also provide you very traction on every mile of full-length rubber materials of the outsole delivers for durability and prevented slips.

The cushioning is visible from all sides that will insight into the technology of outsole rubber is specially designed to be flexible, the tongue construction for a supportive fit and collar for comfort it helps heat go present cool in nature.

Key features: 

It will manufacture 1.5inches heel height the outer mesh that greatest fitness. these will provide very supportive an ankle. under cushioning will help fort foot return energy each and every step.

Reebok men’s speed runner LP mesh running shoes:

Reebok Men's Speed Runner LP Mesh Running Shoes

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Select for all range of fitness style for men, women kids. reebok has a wide range of selection of shoes, clothes and accessories find your own style on basic generation. Reebok offers choices from loafers, floaters, sports shoes on more demand to buy with the best deals.

The reebok running shoes are men have to open an breathable mesh that will available synthetic upper. This ultralight option gives us a feeling of lightweight and natural strike running shoes are specialized designed for trainers and jogging and running purposes some other products for men’s like sports, running.

Check and buy reebok men’s speed runner LP mesh running shoes on official websites within 30 days return policy. The prices are very nominal for all ranges of people. rebook has the latest collection of best prices from reebok company.

This product will be made up of materials that are inner and outer mesh. EVA raw material, these models are specially designed for speedrunner LP and mesh panel detailed cushioning everything walking comfortably.

Sparx men’s trending and stylish black shoe’s:

Sparx Men's Trending & Stylish Black Shoes

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All popular brands of Sparx offer a wide range of stylish footwear sandals and shoes that fusion is a contemporary design for sports, running as well that to the impeccable quality of raw material. Sparx will provide or manufacturing products for men, women, kids, etc.

Sparx company always offers a dynamic and stunning wide range of sports shoes. These stylish shoes are specially designed or manufactured with soft synthetic of raw material with a durable flexible sole, it has vibrant shades will truly upgrade your style quotient.

The most stylish range of shoes, sandal slippers from the house from Sparx, extremely designed To match or choose all latest trends and models for new generation people to know it’s a sturdy and unique design.

Sparx is iconic for all youth people who dare to explore the whole world. The customer’s taste and preference are changes as per updated generations people. this shoe is made up of sole is rubberized EVA & lace-up closure shoe width according to customers preference then, the dimensions 30×15.2×11.2cm or inches.

Power men’s running shoes:

Power men's running shoes


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This is perfect to rev up your sporty spirit and trendiness sport shoe or running shoes are from the house of power. It will provide excellent durability and that will ensure that sturdy grip and designed to keep us safe or the feet relax with soft and smooth of every comfortable step to flexibility in nature. The movement of freedom with responsiveness, their cushioning that ensures lightweight feeling for the person who is wearing it.

Speciation’s of the shoe which is mentioned above:

Closure: Lace-up

Material type: Canvas

Lifestyle: Special needs

Warranty: Best before 90 days

Department: Men’s

Manufacturer: Bata India limited

Item weight: 830gm

Out materials: Synthetic

Model name: Grip

Occasion: Sports

Country of origin: India.

These power men’s grip running shoes available sizes are 6 to 12 inches.

Care instructions:

This pair of shoes to air & de-odorize on a regular basis will help to retain the natural shape. Always use a shoe bag to prevent any mildew, using clean clothes, and do not use any polish or shiner which will degrade the original color of that shoe. These instructions must be kept in mind while cleaning those shoes if needed.

These shoes will available in 6 different colors like blue, black, white, navy blue and orange and red colors, etc.

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Sparx men’s mesh sports running shoes:

Sparx Men's Mesh Sports Running

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The name itself will indicate that the most stylish range of shoes, sandals, and slippers, etc are very good in this brand. It has very impressive exclusively designed to match all over the latest products upcoming & today’s generation. These shoes have a sturdy and stylish design of the very much owned famous company “Sparx “.

About this item:

Sole: man-made

Closure: lace-up

Shoe width: according to customer preferences

Outer material: mesh

Inner material: mesh

Sloe material: phylon.

Shoe type: Running, walking, Gym shoes, etc.

Sparx is an iconic youth brand for all generation people it will cover. Those who are daring of everything to explore the whole world.


Product dimensions: 30*14*10.5 cm

Manufacturer: Sparx

Department: men

Item weight: 399gm

Occasion: sports and running

Tip shape: Rounded

Generic name: shoe

Country of origin: India

Item dimensions; LxWxH: 30.5*14*10.5 centimeters.

 Colors available in the above model shoe:

 * Brown

 * Black

 * White

 * Navy Red

 * Orange.

Campus men’s Milan running shoes:

Campus Men's Milan Running Shoes

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It is very useful for the people who are going for jogging and gym workouts or even you can play your favorite sport wearing this pair of shoes from campus crafted with care. These will ensure that you feel stay comfortable for all long hours, this will have unlimited unique features a sturdy mesh upper, which adds the overall look and slip-resistant phylon sole.


Sole: phylon

Closure: hook and loop

Shoe width: according to customer needs and wants.

Material type: mesh

Lifestyle: sports.

Product dimensions: 30.5*21.1*11.2

Manufacturer: campus

Department: men

Generic name: Running shoe and sports shoes

Model name: MILAN.

Country of origin: India

 * Wear these shoes with a T-shirt, and shorts that look you too smart.

 * The best online purchasing for shoes is campus online.

 * This shoe weight is nearly 900 grams.

Campus sports shoes are premium quality lightweight and the less weight will help you more comfort.

Colors available:

 * Black

 * Orange

 * White

 * Yellow

 * Navy blue.

Campus men’s Belgium running sport shoe:

Campus Men's Belgium Running Sport Shoe

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Belgium is lightweight and strong also comes with a great fit. It is designed only for the powerful players, who are good ankle support but it, has a light heel like structure, and this sculpted padded collar, exterior heel counter provide a stable fit. The cushioning is visible from all sides that will give you insight into all technologies and the outsole rubber is specifically designed to be flexible in its tongue construction for a supportive fit and collar for comforts.

Color available:

* Black / golden



* Navy


* Black

* White

* Navy/ Red

* Orange.

Key features:

1: Heel height is 1.5.

2: The outer material is made up of mesh.

3: It has the greatest fitness.

4: These will have very supportive on the ankle.

5: Outer rubber is specially made for flexibility in nature.

6: Under cushioning will help fort foot to feel comfortable for each and every step.


Style: Trainer, Active

Active shoe style: Running

Department: men

Material: mesh and rubber

Sole: Pylon

Closure: lace-up

Lifestyle: sports

Model name: BELGIUM

Generic name: running shoe

Country of origin: India.

Campus men’s running shoes:

Campus Men's Running Shoes

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It has supportive resiliency provides energy return at each and every layer mesh, soft smooth cushioned midsole of extra comfortable. These will also provide you very great tractions on every mile of full-length rubber material outsole delivers perfect durability and prevents of slips.

 Running shoe of this brand available types or models:

 * Oxfit running shoe

 * Crystal running shoe

 * Royce-2 running shoe

 * Rodeo-2 running shoe

 * North running shoe

 * Peris running shoe

 * Dragon running shoe

 * Duster-2 running shoe

 * Caravan WALKING shoe

 * Kent running shoe

 * Jasper running shoe

 * STYGER – pro running shoe

 * Seltos running shoe

 * Quantum running shoe

 * Tyson running shoe

 * Mexico running Shoe.

Any pair of campus running shoes is specialized designed for running or jogging purpose has regular styling lace-up details each and everything mesh upper cushioned footbed & textured patterned outsole. It has a warrant according to brand manufacturing.

Specifications of the above brand shoe:

Length: 1.5-inch heel height

Outer material: Mesh

Closure: Lace-up

Pattern: Woven design

Ideal for: Men

Occasion: Sports

Sole material: Pylon

Technology used: Active cell.

These shoes will available in 5 different colors like blue, black, white, navy blue, and orange if you want any other color you must request and place an order on their respective site. After a few days, you will get your wished color shoe.

Benefits of wearing these shoes:

  1. Very high and fine quality shoes are available for a very low amount of money.
  2. Made from the most expensive materials.
  3. Very smooth and soft to handle.
  4. Available in various styles and brands.
  5. Lifelong usable shoes with huge durability.
  6. Multi designed colors are present to select our own wish.
  7. Very comfortable to wear without any risks.
  8. Decreases many diseases that are caused due to the infection of the foot of a person.
  9. Easily stretchable and decreases the cases of tearing the shoe.
  10. All regular sizes are available and we need not adjust with the present sizes.
  11. Available with waterproof with high flexibility.
  12. Decreases the stress and strain on the foot of the person who is wearing those shoes.


The shoes which are displayed in the above session are manufactured only by the professional makers of shoes. Once if you take look at the above shoes definitely you will never go the second choice and will stick on any one of the above shoes.

When you went to the nearby shoe showroom they will show only a limited number of shoes and you must select any one of them without any warranty. But the above shoes will come with a nearly one-year warranty, within that year if you face any difficulty in the look of shoe like forming cracks on the surface, tearing at the corners, tarnishing of the colors, etc,

All these problems will be solved within the due time you can even get a new one also. This is done only when you satisfy some conditions. You must submit the warranty card which is given in the pack of those shoes to claim any one of the above services.

The most stylish men will only prefer this kind of shoes to wear. Because they are having an awesome and stunning look. The privacy policies of all the companies which are present in the above place are pretty simple to understand. The interior of this shoe is lined with a soft material like cotton combined with other substances to form a cushion-like material.

These shoes will act as a perfect support to the ankles of the foot. They are made up of very tough material because of this reason these shoes will survive in very difficult situations also.

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