Best Running Shoes Under 3000 Rs in India 2021

The person who is more interested in physical appearance than other things. That type of people will maintain certain physical exercise which includes jagging and running. For these activities, we can’t do it barefoot proper footwear must be used. In that situation, shoes will play a major role in protecting our feet and also gives comfort. Most people think that very fine quality shoes are available at higher costs only. But it was totally wrong in very low cost best shoes are available for us to buy.

Here we will do such type of shoes which are best to use and also their price is less than 3000 rupees. Even different types of shoe designs and colors are also available for us to make a choice. Middle-class people can’t afford heavy money based shoes. They can easily buy these shoes which are discussed below without any other thought.

These shoes are very comfortable to use and very easy to use. Trending designed shoes are also manufactured immediately for the sake of people at a low price. Not only physical training shoes even normal party ware shoes are also available to buy.

Most of the person will recommend these shoes to wear because these shoes look very awesome and attractive. The craze for these shoes at the top level in the present situation. The main reason for that is the demand of the foot ware. Famous movie actors and highly qualified people are wearing these shoes as they liked these shoes more than others. Most specialized feet care doctors will also prescribe these shoes to their patients.

List of Best Running Shoes Under 3000 Rupees

Puma Men’s Ignite Flash EVOKNIT Running Shoes:

Puma is one of the most leading sports brands all over the world. Puma believes in their stands and fame name. These are specially designed for playing the field as fast as athletes in the world. The puma is always working in innovative new thoughts like team sports, innovation in golf, a unique style for running and training also, for better performance of motorsports.

 Unique features:

  • The tooling features IGNITE help for grip purposes.
  • Providing a lightweight and comfortable nature.
  • Cushioning is arranged under the foot.
  • Molded rubber heel clip in special design.
  • The heel and caps off finishing overall detailing.
  • Highly Cushioning helps to long-distance running.

Colors available for Puma Men’s Ignite Flash EVOKNIT Running Shoes:

There are several different types of colors are there Red, Pea coat, steel grey, black, ribbon red, forest night, blue, navy, pebble, black dark shadow, white color, etc.

Specifications of this shoe:

Sole: textile

Closure: Lace-up

Material type: textile

Lifestyle: sports and running

Manufacture: puma

Product details:

Outer material: fabric

Occasion: sports

Sole material: rubber

Upper pattern: solid

Tip Shape: Round toe

Item model number: 190508

Department: men

Generic name: running shoe or training.

Care instruction: wipe with clean clothing.

Adidas Men’s Asweerun Running Shoes:

Adidas has its roots in Germany but, the company has worldwide acceptance and popularity. Every year Adidas company producers over 900 million sport & lifestyle-related products that will be designed produce to independent manufacturing partners worldwide.

 Specifications about the product:

  •  Sole: Rubber
  • Closure: Lace-up
  • Shoe width: according to customers’ needs and wants.
  • Material Type: Mesh
  • Lifestyle: casual & running purpose
  • Warranty type: best before manufactured of 90 days.
  • Manufacturer: puma
  • Department: men.
  • Generic name: running shoe
  • Available size from 6 to 12 inches
  • Model name: ASWEERUN.

Adidas Asweerun Running Shoes are very aspiring to the greatest of the making of running shoe with airy, lightweight mess for the upper layer. The durable rubber helps out the sole of grip and pavement added for stability and the main midsole cushioned brings comfortable for every step while walking.

 Special technologies:

  1. very fine grip out stole pods.
  2. Lightweight EVA midsole.
  3. midsole flex groove.
  4. Lightweight feel.
  5. while walking every step user feels very comfortable with no disturbance from the foot.

Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running Shoes under 3000:

The Nike downshifter 9 blends is closed mesh on top of the black and that will help to secure your foot during all-out puts sprints. When open mesh on for foot of shoe is to give optimal ventilation purpose and soft foam, flex grooves are underfoot that will deliver smooth walk while ride and walking.


  •  Generic name: shoe
  • Outer material: fabric and textile
  • Closure: lace-up
  • Ideal for men
  • Occasion: sports and running
  • Country origin: India.

Colors available in these shoes:

  1. Black and white.
  2. Deep royal blue
  3. Wolf grey
  4. White
  5. Navy blue.

‌Benefits of Nike Men’s Downshifter 9 Running Shoes:

  1. ‌Open mesh on the forefoot that helps cool air in and heat out.
  2. ‌The open mesh through midfoot and heel provides perfect structured support.
  3. ‌Smooth foam, soft midsole cushions for better performance.
  4. ‌The tapered heel looks sleek and feels fast.
  5. ‌The rubber outsole offer’s better durable tractions.
  6. ‌Flex grooves, let your foot will feel more smooth as naturally.

Adidas Men’s Running Shoes under 3000:

Every day workouts & runners go to get an extra mile of excise. The mesh features are maximum ventilation, Light strike, EVA midsole visible and it provides protection from harmful impact forces with durable support only for Adidas product’s only.

Colors available:

  • Night sky
  • White
  • Black
  • Core black
  • Pure blue.

These men’s running shoes are made to keep comfortable you stay focused on your personal goals. The unique raw material and features are textile mesh in the upper layer, along with cloud foam midsole that will provide optimum cushioning performance. It will help you with the most needed & durable rubber outsole for long-life or long-lasting wear.


Tanning process: Synthetic

Outer material: Mesh

Closure: Lace-up

Pattern: wove the design

Model name: fluo M

Ideal for: men

Occasion: sports and running

Leather type: Napa

Sole material: Rubber

Season: AWl9

Country of origin: India

Adidas Men’s Lite Racer CLN Running Shoes:

Running and inspired shoes with special ventilated mesh upper layer are unique ways designed with help of sleek lines for a minimalist look. This shoe will be manufactured by a lightweight and breathable mesh upper layer, A better style cushioning delivers full comfortable for all users.


  • Regular fit
  • Lace closure
  • Mesh upper
  • Textile lining
  • combined of cloud foam midsole and outsole.
  • The customer feels & satisfied full including all aspects.
  • A better performance from ortholite and float sock liner.
  • All raw materials are specially imported

These men lite running shoe sizes are available 6 to 12 inches, it has 30 days return policy from the date of delivery. And colors available are listed below. They are,

Available colors:

  1. Core black
  2. Active maroon
  3. Royal blue
  4. Active red
  5. White.

Key features of Adidas Men’s Lite Racer CLN Running Shoes:

Closure: Lace-ups

Out material: Mesh

Model name: Lite racer CLN

Ideal for: men

Occasion: Sports and running

Sole Material: Rubber

Season: SS19

Generic Name: Shoe

Country Origin: India.

Lite Racer CLN Running Shoes are specially designed for sports activity purposes & it has worldwide acceptance and demand also.

Puma Unisex’s Anzarun Fs Running Shoe:

The Anzarun FS is purely designed for all loyal customers and chooses the most stylish and lightweight, soft & smooth surface of every product. The brand products always look after all aspects like quality, color, design, and most important pricing structure also.

Features of puma unisex’s Anzarun running shoe:

  • ‌lightweight
  • ‌most stylish & well design product
  • A soft mess has an upper face for smooth running
  • the best brand outlook
  • soft foam and sock liner.

Raw materials used to make Puma Unisex’s Anzarun Fs Running Shoe:

  1. Low boot fabric material
  2. Heat and pressure over the lays
  3. Contrast webbing
  4.  Synthetic cage

The style code of Puma Unisex’s Anzarun Fs Running Shoe is 37113003.

Available colors:

  •  White
  •  Pink
  •  Violet
  •  Blue
  •  High-risk red.

Puma Unisex’s Anzarun Fs Running Shoe: the sizes of puma designers are designed the product in a suitable way that what customer needs to get satisfied the objective of which is frame by organization

  •  It will have a Puma cat logo at the place of the tongue.
  • This made of hi per rubber that will help out sloe for grip to smooth running.

Puma company is designed to produce the products not only for running shoes but like:

  1.  Basketball shoes
  2. Football shoes
  3. Lifestyle ware shoes
  4. Partyware shoes
  5. Culture ware shoes
  6. personal or official purpose shoes.

Puma Men’s Viz Runner Running Shoes:

This type of shoe is specially designed for running and jogging purposes only. The raw material is separate from other types of shoes. It is very smooth and comfortable for workout sessions also.

Instant discounts:

  1. while purchasing online it will provide so many benefits.
  2. By online payment, we get an instant discount.
  3. With help of credit cards also we will have concessions & discounts
  4. When getting an occasional basis automatically the products will provide you offers.
  5. Buy two or more products at a time of course. We are able to get discounts.

Available colors Puma Men’s Viz Runner Running Shoes:

  • Peacoat quarry
  • Black and white
  • White & Black
  • Navy
  • Black.

Warranty available:

The product’s will stitching and pasting issues mesh quality & sloe integrity. The exchange will available for 30 days after the product is delivered.

Make sure once that wear & tear of the product cover is opened and don’t accept the product from delivery boy or shop if the cover opened or turned.

Puma is one of the most leading manufacturers of sports designed products and development selling & marketing footwear accessories also.

Puma manufacturing Shoe categories like:

  • Football
  • Training
  • Running
  • Golf
  • Motorcycle racing
  • Basketball.

ASICS Men’s up court 4 Indoor Court Shoes:

This product is especially recommended and designed for indoor court athletes. Those who are newer to play game indoor the up court game player’s.

Features of ASICS Men’s up court 4 Indoor Court Shoes:

  1. the combination of lightweight & soft fiber.
  2. This is very flexible.
  3. Easy to use and clean also.
  4. These shoes have unique quality is water resistance power.

The raw material that are used to manufacturing the shoe:

  • Synthetic rubber
  • Leather couch
  • Very perfect flexible lays
  • Rubber border lower face is very attractive
  •  Model name: up court 4
  •  Ideal for: men, women, and kids
  •  Occasion: sports.

These up court 4 shoes are specially designed for an indoor game like athletes and these shoes are very supportive & durable while using. It will be constructed with special purely material that attract customers automatically. The features are. Well structured while breathable mesh paneling helps the plenty of airflows that will keep feet comfortable during matches times.

Available colors:

  • Black / pure silk
  • White and Pea coat white
  • Classic red and black
  • White and black
  • Race blue and white
  • Flash yellow.

Measurement guidelines:

These will design in the form of inches and centimeters. The sizes are available in us/ India language or format.

  1. we can calculate by the help of inches that will indicate the required foot size.
  2. With the help of a centimeter, we can get or know perfect shoes for our toe.

Adidas Men’s Agora 1.0 Multisport Training Shoes:

The lightweight fully fitted for all toe and foot of a particular person. Adidas agora training shoes are designed separately why because each and every product has separate requirements.

These shoes have a lock-down fit and extremely comfortable. Mess upper gives breathable durable support then outsole provides you the secure grip of the toe and finally, the traction rubber gives you optimal grip in wet climatic conditions also.

Specifications of Adidas Men’s Agora 1.0 Multisport Training Shoes:

Material: mesh

Model name: AGORA 1.0

Ideal for: men, women, kids

Occasion: training purpose and sports etc

Model number: S48721

Manufactured: Adidas

Brand: Adidas

The weight of the shoe is 1.22 kilogram.

Features of Adidas Men’s Agora 1.0 Multisport Training Shoes:

  1. These products will available in all required sizes and colors
  2. The material is used “mesh”
  3. It will wear for casual lifestyle
  4. The toe type is closed one which is very beneficial for better usage

The care instructions are to allow a pair of shoes for both toes de. -odorize on regular basis work and it will retain their natural snap of our foot size and prefer to use shoe bag to prevent any stains and using cotton clothes only but don’t use polish or shiner.

The raw material is used to make Adidas Men’s Agora 1.0 Multisport Training Shoes:

  1. Mesh fiber
  2. Leather couch
  3. Flexible lays
  4. Rubber materials upper and lower surface
  5. The plastic stylish bottom surface easily attracts the customers
  6. the design system & format of Adidas is a very unique style to making the product’s that to satisfy their customer’s needs & wants.

Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoes:

The Nike men’s revolution 4 running shoes coming together for a modern-looking package and price-conscious athletes are made with soft foam, to ensure comfortable running. The running shoes appear better performance and quality are that too more durable than a similar range of shoes.

The raw material used to make. Nike Men’s Revolution 4 Running Shoes:

  1. lightweight
  2. single layer mess
  3. soft foam beneath
  4. the best beneath ability for premium performance
  5. upper mess provide optimum action
  6. responsive cushioning
  7. Rubber out stole for durable traction.

Special techniques:

  • This shoe has an underlays vamp that will help tip offer to support
  • Molded pods offer multiple surface traction only.
  • The foam beneath help foot will feel comfortable

The beneath and foam will help for revolutionary comfort and responsiveness for all aspects of foot & toe comforts. Mesh upper which is especially recommended or designed for optimal beneath ability and soft foam help midsole. Lightweight assets for responsive cushioning the molded pods are helped multiple tractions and pods help to flatten on the impact of springing back the toe, the toe-off creative a piston effect on delivering of cushioning.


 Weight: 252 grams

Material: 100/. Polyester and synch plastic

Outer material: fabric

Model name: revolution 4

Ideal for: men

Occasion: sports

Closure: Lace-Ups

Advantages of wearing these shoes:

  1. Available at a very low cost that too under Rs. 3000.
  2. Very high graded quality fiber is used in manufacturing in each and every shoe that is mentioned below.
  3. Latest-model shoes are available in very less time.
  4. Very comfortable to wear these shoes even old people can easily handle it.
  5. In hard work times also it very smooth to handle.
  6. At very low temperatures also keeps our feet very warm which will decrease the cases of hyperthermia and trench foot.
  7. It Will works as the best protector for the feet of the person who is wearing it.
  8. Arrange our ankles at the correct position and decreases the risks which will come under it.
  9. They will be used for a long time and the durability of these shoes is very high.
  10. Prevents so many kinds of foot problems.
  11. Each and every day new models and designs are displayed regularly.


The shoes you are looking for here.

When you decide to buy shoes meeting both cases of money and fine quality the shoes which are discussed in the above section are the best option to buy. Because of the privacy policy of all these brands is very simple. They are providing a nearly one year warranty on every pair of shoes that are purchased in the above category.

But to avail of the warranty policy, you must follow some rules that are mentioned in the warranty section of that brand site. They a mixture of Plastic, Rubber and a very important one is polysynthetic fiber for every single shoe in a pair. In the process of manufacturing this shoe that we wearing now nearly, they have to pass five stages to reach us.

Each round is done under the control of that stage-specific specialist after their approval only they will go to the next round. Before the last round that is packing a rough round is done that is durability checking, this round is very tough they will check the strengths of shoes using different equipment. After all, rounds, if the shoe is succeeded then only it will reach us.

By taking all this information into consideration you can blindly these shoes without any other discussion. Multipurpose shoes are also available for us we can use the same kind of shoes for different situations like Walking, jogging, Sports purpose, etc,. All brands are having their own unique style and peculiar style.

If you get any discrepancy in the item you purchased you need not worry about that situation just simply visit the nearby showroom of that brand or you can simply their official website at any time and get your doubt clarified. If you completely get different shoes you can apply for a replacement option. Our site is offering some important offers regarding these shoe purchases you can get a concession if buy through our website.

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